Micros 300281-120 IDN Cable


Micros 300281-120 IDN Cable

Micros 300281-120 IDN Cable

These Cables Are Custom Made To Order, and Tested Individually Prior To Packaging & Shipping!





Micros 300281-120 IDN Cable

Manufactured By: The POS-Depot™


Micros 300281-120 IDN Cable

Tech Tip: Regular Serial (RS-232) versus RS-422
Though they are both serial protocols there is a difference between RS-232 and RS-422. RS-422 supports multi-drop, meaning more than 1 printer can exist on the physical line. RS-232 (9-pin serial) is single drop. RS232  cannot communicate with RS422 other without a converter. All RS422 cable runs should be 4000 feet or less, and all RS232 cable runs should be 50 feet or less. In environments with a high level of EMI, shorter runs may be required.

Some of the patch cords used by MICROS IDN devices use a 6-Pin RJ11 connector. Never plug this connector into an 8-pin RJ45 jack. The smaller body of the 6-pin connector can push pins 1 and 8 into the shielding around the jack, rendering the port inoperable.

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